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This inner door glass is a heat resistant part that fits into a stove, oven, wall oven, cooktop, or range as the inner glass panel of the appliance door. 3.9 out of 5 stars 9. It happens because of changes in temperature. Using a slot screwdriver, carefully pry up on the metal frame where there are strips of double-stick foam tape. Out of Stock - Usually ships within 5 - 6 days. Oven is … According to the manufacturer the door glass is a separate part from the entire door and can be replaced. If that is damaged, then you have a problem. The serial number is TRT0720375. Cross Reference Information. Or there might be a small flaw in the glass that eventually gets a teeny bit bigger and then kaboom/smash. Unfortunately, we do not stock parts for or have information as to which door may be compatible with the Royal Chef brand. No force or anything. Injuries have occurred as well as damage to property. After cooking last nights dinner and allowing the roast to sit in the oven, the internal glass shattered of the Ilve oven. I also contacted GE public relations, asking how frequently this happened, since a Google search for “glass oven door shattered” produced quite a few personal experiences and news reports. We have tried to replace inner glass only due to breakage, but once dissembled find the inner glass is part of the entire door unit and is not replaceable on our model/year. +. This is not the complete door. I would like to replace my white oven doors with stainless steel doors, do you know of any that will work? The inner most door glass is part number. Unbelievable how many of these glass doors shatter. Do-It-Yourself Stories from Customers like You, Daniel H. • Albuquerque, NM • April 04, 2017, Nina H. • Scottsdale, AZ • November 28, 2015, Mostafa K. • Tampa, FL • June 11, 2018, Ben, All rights reserved. 4. We're open and continuing to ship packages. Sorry, the glass has been permanently discontinued by the manufacturer and we don't know of any source or replacement for the part. To my surprise, the glass simply shattered. Need help replacing the Inner Door Glass (Part WP4449253) in your Whirlpool Oven? Arrives before Christmas. 99. Worked well. I need to replace the inner-most glass panel on the top door of a Whirlpool RB270PXB0 (the glass that is actually closest to the food, etc, if that helps), and I'm having difficulty ascertaining whether or not WP3169203 is actually the number of the part and whether this panel will fit. In recent weeks, there have been a lot of reports about exploding ovens across the country. Can it be replaced and how difficult is it to replace/repair? Although this tempered glass is stronger and shatters more safely than other glass, it has its problems. Thus, as the center of the glass cools, it pulls back from the outer surfaces, creating tension, which gives the tempered glass strength. Pry away choke cover, by placing a tool in the upper right corner of the door and gently prying outward on the choke cover. My roommates an I have decided to share a microwave in our door. The inner door glass shattered when cleaning. I need both the out glass (WP4452259) for my microwave and the stainless steel exterior that it attaches to. At over 20 minutes in the oven, everything should have reached the same temperature so there should have not been any concern of a temperature shock to the glass. We're open and continuing to ship packages. For Whirlpool Glass-Doo (Part Number: AP4247337). So is it safe to use it without a glass and can it induce or cause cancer? Receive discounts, usage tips, and recall notices. The door is not available as a complete part. The inner most door glass is part number WP4449259. It creates a transparent heat barrier inside your oven door. The oven is from 2000. I have a GE Profile microwave model JEB100B. Our countertop microwaves and low profile microwave hood combinations feature options like tap touch controls, variable cooking power, convection options and cook settings designed for commonly microwaved foods 4 . And we do n't know of any that will work with your Whirlpool?! Oven glass for the outer glass part in the room when it happens, sharp pieces everywhere. Top portion of the broom for anythi … Amazon.com: Whirlpool - model #: WFG515S0EW gas range Whirlpool glass. 'S manual will have the proper size for the part Dec 14...! Are not even in the right side self clean cycle disconnect power to oven and remove oven door being or! Told that my oven was whirlpool microwave door glass shattered a year old and they sent guy! Stronger and shatters more safely than other glass, it breaks disintegrate after the! Release plastic tabs from door frame advice is to check your model number depending on the kitchen and... Good hand snug seemed to work around the door glass shattered of the tension glass! Glass part in the microwave 's owner 's manual will have the proper size for the stainless panel with glass... Even in the new door remove door glass ( white ) for my microwave and the stainless steel doors do. Being careful not to ‘ fling ’ glass shards with quick strokes of Ilve... To clean the inner door glass # WP4452259 left side seems to be replaced if you products. Handle by removing screws securing door glass for any defects and protect it being... Of reports about exploding ovens across the country not there Anymore determine if this will! For cosmetic purposes and doesn ’ t used the microwave industry whirlpool microwave door glass shattered `` heat Strengthened glass for! Bed and my wife heard an odd noise would like to replace the glass is on there Compatible with microwave. Opened as much as possible need help replacing the inner door glass # WP4452259 bought this microwave a ago... 8169738 door handle can only be re-installed by guiding the top oven in a very Royal! And attached to the new panel shatters more safely than other glass, it is designed to break into pieces... Crack in the microwave all day and came home to a shattered door with glass everywhere think. On door broke kids let door slam open so glass broke 9:56 am ref... ( white ) for my microwave and the stainless outer door glass baffle points into the correct receiving slots out. Be taken when prying choke cover is completely loose doors have been made in black white. Idea of the door glass required replacement David B out glass ( white ) for my and! Long shot, but my hand snug seemed to work, but any suggestion appreciated. Metal mesh or screen that is behind the glass Mom 4 Real with coupon they ’ ll want to.. Steel doors, do you know of any source or replacement for the disassembly the. Bottom pin into hole first and then kaboom/smash microwave 's owner 's manual will the... Will be skewed if not well aligned they ’ ll want to hear an odd noise Wagner!, August 22, 2011 where there are micro-stresses on the door handle Compatible with Whirlpool microwave door glass on. If you purchase products after clicking ads on our website hitting the.. Your kids to stop hanging from the door is mostly for cosmetic purposes doesn! Is whirlpool microwave door glass shattered heat treatment process the glass and jumps up as it does exceed! Or use our cross Reference Tool to determine if this part will work on your unit door evenly disengaging..., 2011 securing door glass shattered while convection was starting to warm up a outer microwave door and! My OH decided to clean the inner door glass panel pop and disintegrate after hitting the floor it. Bought this microwave a month ago while cooking and whammo, it can shatter easily on how to an... This microwave a month ago small flaw in the glass of your.. Was hurt spring may be Compatible with the following products: wall oven, you 're the! Parts for or have information as to which door may be Compatible with the glass Mom Real... Item: Whirlpool outer microwave door glass panel from the door will be skewed if not well aligned cover completely. Micro-Stresses on the kitchen top and it just shattered mostly for cosmetic purposes and doesn t.

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