Collecting used and scrap tires has an important positive impact on the environment

Not only is JD Recycling helping to keep these on and off-road tires from being disposed of in landfill, littered on our landscape or burned, we also are contributing to closing the recycling loop. Many fantastic new products such as landscape designs, wall décor, tables, chairs, and ottoman are produced from the tires gathered for beautification of the environment..

In this sense, we are the first and the leading Nigeria recycling company in converting used tires to beauty. JD Recycling located in Lagos State, Nigeria recycles used tires of different sizes and shapes. We see beauty in every used tire and we reuse them before reaching the end of their useful lives. Whether used or scrap tires, they are treated and given a new lease on life!

At JD Recycling Company, we give voice to the loud silence of waste.

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